Tenute San Fabiano | CHIARO DI SAN FABIANO
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Denomination: IGT Tuscany
Vineyards location: Central Tuscany, the hills surrounding Arezzo
Grapes: Chardonnay and Viogner
Orientation: South / Southeast
Altitude: 250 to 350 mt/ asl.
Soil: Gravels and limestone
Total Production: 20.000 bottles
Vinification: After a hand-made harvest, the wine is fermented at low
temperature in controlled stainless steel vats. Then the
wine is allowed to rest in bottles for some months before
This wine is made following the rules of the organic system
of agriculture.
Tasting notes: Light and crispy, with aromas of peach and citrus. Fresh,
well balanced with a nice finish. Perfect with fish,
appetizers and fresh cheese
Serving temperature: Best if served at 14°C.

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