Tenute San Fabiano | I CANNICCI DEL CONTE
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Denomination: Vinsanto del Chianti D.O.C.
Vineyards location: Central Tuscany, the hills surrounding Arezzo
Grapes: Trebbiano, Malvasia, Chardonnay
Altitude: 250 to 350 mt.
Soil: Gravel and limestone
Total Production: 5000 bottles (500 cl.).
Vinification: With a hand-made harvest, the best grapes are picked out
from the vineyards. The grapes are then put on little
baskets and it is laid on little bamboo canes in the garrets
of the farm. Here the harvest ripened in order to help the
concentration of sugar and aromas and, after the first
pressing, which is made some days before Christmas, the
nectar is fermented and put into the barrels for 4 years of
Ageing: 4 years is small cherry wood barrels called “caratelli”
Tasting notes: Golden Amber colour, fragrance of honey and dry fruit, with
a hint of figues, walnut and tobacco. With a good acidity to
counterbalance the sweetness.
Serving temperature: 15/17°C – cool

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